Delta One – #DL107 from FRA to JFK

Moving is always stressful, but it becomes even more stressful if it’s your first time and you have to fit your entire life into 3 suitcases and some carry-ons.

Delta One Seat 6D.

I am fortunate enough to have experienced the Delta One experience several times and I spent more than 200 hours in the air… which means that as exciting as flying is, at some point, it becomes a routine and simply less special.

However, this flight was extremely special.

August 29, 2019, was the day I immigrated to the United States and flight #DL107 from Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to New York, NY (JFK) was the flight that got me to the States.

I wrote another post about how I got the Green Card and what the process was like. Click here to read the whole story.

At 2:30 am my parents and I left Braunschweig and headed to the airport. After five exhausting hours, we arrived at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and it was time for me to check my bags.

Passport with Visa and Delta One Boarding Pass.

It was the day I moved to the United States and all I took HAD TO fit into my three bags and carry-on. As you can probably imagine I was busy all night trying to figure out a way to squeeze it all in. It felt like playing Tetris, but harder.

After checking my bags, I received my boarding pass and was pleasantly surprised, that Delta had moved my seat from Comfort+ (Premium Economy) to Delta One (Business Class). As it turned out, that was exactly what I needed.

“SSSS” – What does that mean?

I looked at my boarding pass again and noticed, that I got the infamous “SSSS”. It stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection.

Normally it is nothing to stress about if you have nothing to hide. It is simply like the name suggests, another security check after you already passed airport security. It can be a real hassle, but in my case, they simply checked my carry-on and my shoes. My carry-on had already caused some confusion during the regular security check. As I said, I was moving, which means I packed stuff I wouldn’t take on vacation. Among other things, I brought my PlayStation… the security officers were slightly confused but after a quick inspection put it back in my bag and let me go.

Boarding (finally)

Orange Juice as a Pre-Departure Beverage.

I finally boarded the plane, gave the crew a few gifts and Thank You notes and sat down. The flight attendants brought me some orange juice and after a very short taxi, it was done.

We had left German soil and started ascending to 30,000ft.

The whole crew noticed that a lot was going through my head and took such good care of me. One flight attendant even sat down next to me for a moment and we talked a bit. I am not a super sentimental person, but the whole day really got to me.

But you know what they say, there’s nothing that a good ice cream sundae and some much-needed sleep can’t fix.

Meal Service

The culinary experience of this flight started with Cold Smoked Tuna, a fresh salad, and a very delicious Carrot-Ginger soup.

After that, I selected the Grilled Beef Tenderloin as my main course.

It was served with a side of chive red skin mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and BBQ salsa.

For dessert, I had an Ice Cream Sundae with Strawberry and Chocolate Sauce, Nuts and Whipped Cream.

I put on a movie, transformed my seat into a bed and dozed off immediately.

Almost There

There is no better way to wake up than waking up in Delta One at 30,000ft.

I slept for 5 1/2 hours and was woken up by my favorite flight attendant who was serving me coffee since we were almost in New York by then.
I even missed the Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Service. That never happened before.

Shortly before we began our final descent into New York (JFK), Delta served us their Signature Cheeseburger and another round of coffee.


Touchdown #JFK.

We landed smoothly in New York (JFK) and I went on to clear customs. I officially immigrated to the United States. Yay!

After I re-checked my bags, I met my friend Lyla at the SkyPriority counter. We talked for a bit and then I went through security and headed to the SkyClub before my next flight to Indianapolis (IND).

Fortunately, I was upgraded to First Class! Click here to read more about that flight.