AEJ #1 – An Entrepreneur’s Journal

An Introduction

My name is Steven Jonathan and I am a 21 year old expat, entrepreneur and frequent flyer.
I started my first company in 2017 in Hamburg, Germany and have come a long way since then.

Today I live in New York City and continue to building my empire.

This blog will be about my journey to the top and I will share everything I learn along the way with you.
I am going to tell you about personal experiences, advice that’s been given to me and pratically everything around the topic of entrepreneurship and personal growth.

The Purpose of This Blog

As I went from a highschool dropout and kid who everybody was making fun of to owning my own business and moving to New York City in less than three years, I was looking for inspiration and advice from people who went on this journey before me. My main sources of influences were Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Serhant, Jordan Belfort, Andy Frisella and Grant Cardone. Why these select five? Because each and every one of them started as complete underdogs. In the beginning, nobody took them serious. Now, after many years of blood, sweat and tears, thousands of people are trying to be just like them.

Everything I learn and everything I teach myself during this journey, I will be sharing with you guys. I know that I would have appreciated it when I first started.

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