First Class on DL5350 from JFK to IND

After the most significant Delta One flight of my life and a quick shower in Delta’s SkyClub at JFK Terminal 2, it was now time for me to board my final flight of the day. First Class on flight DL5350 from JFK to IND.

As always, SkyPriority was a total game-changer and saved me a lot of time. I re-checked my bags and cleared security within 10 minutes… at JFK… during rushhour. My first stop was, as I mentioned above, Delta’s SkyClub.

At that point, I had been wearing the same clothes for almost 24 hours, 6 of which I slept in them on my prior flight from FRA to JFK. I had just left my native country and immigrated to the U.S. I was tired, hungry and exhausted from all the stress that comes with moving to a new country with nothing but three suitcases.

Delta’s SkyClub was the oasis that I needed after such a long day of traveling. I checked in at the front desk, reserved a spot on the shower waitlist and got myself a strong coffee and a bite to eat. While I was still waiting for one of the shower cabins to become available, I FaceTimed my parents who were still in Germany and waiting for my call.

That’s where it sunk in. I was home. Permanently. What an indescribable feeling.

Shortly after it was my turn with the showers. I refreshed and changed my clothes. While I was trying to somehow stuff my used outfit in my duffel bag, I got a notification on my Apple Watch.

“Boarding has now started.”

I hurried to get on my way to the gate while FaceTiming my friend X and carrying a backpack, a duffel bag, and a tote bag. However, I was not going to leave the SkyClub without getting one of their New York-style Hot Dogs! I somehow managed to carry all these things without causing a mess and boarded my flight. They closed the boarding door behind me, I was the last passenger on board… seated in 1A.

The crew went above and beyond to make my journey as comfortable as possible. After we reached cruising altitude, I was having a little small talk with the flight attendants. They asked me about my day, I told them that today marks the day of me becoming an LPR (a.k.a. Green Card holder) and that I was more than happy to be here, but somehow had mixed feelings about leaving my parents behind in Germany.

They brought me extra snacks, took really good care of me and shortly before we started our initial descent into IND they handed me a hand-written note.

Overall I must say that this entire day of traveling was likely the best I’ve ever had and that is mostly due to the amazing crews on both flights (DL107 & DL5350), as well as the Delta employees at FRA, JFK, and IND.